This is me英语作文


This is me英语作文1

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  Hi! My Chinese name is Ma Fangyu. My English name is Jane. I’m a happy girl. I live in Nanzhuang Cun. My birthday is in December. My favorite colour is purple. My favorite pet is lovely dog. I have two big black eyes. I like English very much. Every day I go to school on foot. I like my school. There are 25 students in my class. I love my school. This is me.



This is me英语作文2

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  Hello, everybody! My name is Michael. I'm a happy boy. Because I laugh every day. I have a big family. There are three people in my family, my mother, my father and I.

  My parents are managers and I'm a student. I study in Grade Seven, Class Eleven, Dongzhou Middle School. It's a nice place. There are many students in my class. I have a good teacher, Miss Jiang.

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  My favorite lessons are English and Maths. I like dogs very much. I have only one dog. Its name is Doudou. It's a pretty dog.

  Oh, I forgot to tell you something about my old friend. His name is Tad. His hobby is playing basketball. So he is taller and stronger than I. He has two big eyes and long hair. He is my best friend.

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  This is me, a happy boy.




ag亚洲国际游戏官网  我最喜欢的课程是英语和数学。我喜欢狗非常多。我只有一只狗。它的名字叫豆豆。这是一个不错的狗。

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  哦,我忘了告诉你一些关于我的老朋友。他的名字叫泰德。他的爱好是打篮球。所以他高大,强于一,他有两个大眼睛,长头发。他是我最好的朋友。


This is me英语作文3

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  Hello,My neme is Any.I am a nice girl. I'm 13 years old.

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  I'm very helpful. at home ,I can sweep the floor、wash the clothes and cook dinner.

  I have a so happy family . Ther are five people. my parents , My grandma , my sister , and me. My mom is a good teacher . My dad is asupper doctor.I love my family.

  My birthdy in October.On my birthday .My friends are go to my home . We are piay together .and eat biethday caek together.

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  My favourite season is winter . Because I can play with snow with my friends.

  This is you like me?

This is me英语作文4

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  All of the heart-break broke up wont be harder than the final good-bye in the life. When that day comes to you, the broke up that you have been through just was a piece of cake. Sometimes our lover leaving us only will make our life better.


  How many times should we have to go through the separate so that we could get used to the people get into our life then go away, and understand that there is no forever in our life? It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  我们要经历多少次分离才会习惯别人走进我们的生活然后又离开,才会明白生活是没有永远可言的。最好是用耐心与平静来处理这些事情。

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  Every separate with love or hate is a painful split. If you couldnt smile to say goodbye, then could you silently turn around, close your eyes, hold on your tears and leave. No one force you to fall in love with him. Sooner or later, you will smile face to your painful. You will thank the guy who had leaved you, because he doesnt deserve your love, your fineness, your infatuation. He is just not the one for you.

This is me英语作文5

  I‘m twelve years old. I am a student of Class 1,Grade 7. I like playing basketball and reading. My favourite fruit are banans and apples. Also, I like eating hamburgers. I am a good student in my class. I like English and math because they are interesting. I'm friendly. I like sports. Do you want me to be your friend?


ag亚洲国际游戏官网  我十二岁了。我是一班的学生,七年级。我喜欢打篮球和阅读。我最喜欢的水果是巴南区和苹果。我也喜欢吃汉堡包。我是一个好学生在我的类。我喜欢英语和数学,因为它们很有趣。我是友好的。我喜欢运动。你想让我成为你的'朋友吗?

This is me英语作文6

Dear Jet:

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  My name is GaoYang. I’m a student. I’m 11years old. I’m from China. I can speak Chinese and a little English. My favorite subject in school is Math. I like math very much. I like dancing and singing. I think they are very interesting. And I don’t like playing sports. Because I think it’s very boring. I have a big family. My father’s name is Paul. My mother’s name is Emma. My sister’s name is Lisa. I love my family.

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  Can you write to me soon?


  Gao Yan

This is me英语作文7


ag亚洲国际游戏官网  Today is Christmas! My head teacher held a Christmas party for us! Say it! It's boring! But I still work hard to cooperate! I don't like Christmas!


  Reason 1: it's good for Chinese people to have their own traditional festivals! Foreign festivals don't need to be taken seriously! Now some people don't even know when it's Chinese Valentine's day, but they can't forget Western Valentine's Day!


ag亚洲国际游戏官网  Reason 2: 80% of the content in boss's Christmas party me is not interested!


ag亚洲国际游戏官网  Reason 3: the western festivals like Christmas have now become the shield for our students to let their teachers not assign homework! When it comes to the western festivals like Christmas, we all play the role of Jiao to let the teachers not assign homework.

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  理由四:Me一到圣诞就想到去年圣诞的灰色记忆!当然,今年依旧!

  Reason 4: as soon as I arrive at Christmas, I think of the gray memory of last Christmas! Of course, this year is still the same!


  Reason 5: boring people can't do their homework. They just sit there and stare. This Christmas, me has wasted three classes. I think it's useless for students to want to join the party no matter who stops them, and students don't want to join any coercion. So I come to a conclusion: the most painful thing in the world is that they are bored and can't do what they want to do!

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  理由六:这是很种要的一条!大部分同学都被这种事困扰——绯闻缠身!大家都喜欢YY呀!

  Reason 6: This is a very important one! Most of the students are troubled by this kind of thing - gossip! Everyone likes YY!


  I'm too lazy to write the following reasons! I still need to see DM! T_t!

This is me英语作文8

  My name is LuManLIi. I’m from hunan . I’m an outgoing girl. I like animals very much. Especially my favorite animal is rabbits. Because they’re very cute. I like reading books in the library. I think it’s very quiet in the library. And I also like studying history. I think it’s very interesting for me. But I don’t like doing homework,because it’s very boring. I have many friends. And I get on well with them. We often go shopping and chat interesting things. I like eating many snacks and noodles. I hope we can make more good friends and get on well with them.

This is me英语作文9

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  今天是除夕的前一天,早上奶奶就开始忙碌,做一些过年吃的食物,我走到奶奶身边对奶奶说:“您辛苦了。”奶奶笑着说:“为了大孙子,一点也不苦。”我听了心里暖烘烘的。

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  Today is the day before New Year's Eve. In the morning, grandma began to be busy, making some food for Chinese New Year. I went to grandma and said, "you're working hard." Grandma smiled and said, "for the sake of her grandson, it's not bitter at all." I listened to the warm heart.

This is me英语作文10

  Do you like me?你喜欢我吗?

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  Hello! Everyone. I’m a little rabbit. My name is Hanhan. Look! I’m very lovely. My eyes are red. My ears are long. My hair is white. My tail is short. I like carrots very much. I have a good friend. She’s my little master. Her name is Zhou Xun. We always play games together. I like her very much and she likes me, too.

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