Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of China.It used to be as important as Spring Festival .It is usually celebrated in September or October.This festival is to celebrate the harvest and to enjoy the beautiful moon light.To some extent,it is like Thanks Giving day in western countries.

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  On this day,people usually get together with their families and have a nice meal.After that,people always eat delicious moon cakes,and watch the moon.The moon is always very round on that day,and makes people think of their relatives and friends.It is a day of pleasure and happiness.Hope you have a wonderful Mid Autumn festival!


  In China,Mid-autumn Day is considered to be a symbol of family reunion.On this day,all the family members gather together at home to celebrate this special occasion.Last year,I could not celebrate the festival with my family because I was in university.However,this special day left a deep impression on me.

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  I still remember the atmosphere of that evening.All the students who could not go back home assembled in our classroom,having a party to celebrate this traditional festival.We tried our best to show our own enthusiasm.As an ethnic minority,I performed a peacock dance,which received warm applause.After the two-hour party,we went out to the playground and sat together to appreciate the moon because it is a tradition on Mid-autumn Day.We ate moon cakes,played cards,and listened to romantic poems recited by one of our classmates.In that harmonious atmosphere,nobody felt lonely or homesick even though we were far away from our homes.

  Thanks to our classmates,I experienced such a colorful and interesting Mid-autumn Day at my university.Thus,I learned to value all the festivals I spent during my university life.


  Mid-autumn Festival is a popular and important lunar harvest festival celebrated by Chinese people.The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar.There are some traditions in this holiday.For example,people would have a big dinner with there families.

  After dinner,they often enjoy the full moon which is round and bright.The other tradition of mid-autumn festival is eating moon cake.Moon cake is the essential of that day,which means reunion.As time goes by,there are various kinds of moon cakes,but they are much more expensive than before.I like mid-autumn festival because my families will get together and have a big dinner on that day.


  The Mid-Autumn Festival has all interesting history.Long ago in one of the dynasties of China there was a king who was very cruel to the people and did not manage the country well.The people were so angry that some brave ones suggested killing the king.So they wrote notes telling about the meeting place and time and put them into cakes.

  On the 15th day of the 8th lunar month every person was told to buy the cakes.When they ate them they discovered the notes.So they gathered together to make a sudden attack on the king.From then on the Chinese people celebrate on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month and eat "moon cakes" in memory of that important event.

  When the Mid-Autumn Festival is near,shop windows are beautifully decorated.Many "moon cakes" are displayed for people to buy.People send presents such aswine,fruits and "moon cakes" to their friends and relatives.In the evening of the day,they have a feast.After the feast,they go out to the garden to look at the moon.The children run and laugh on the streets.

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  It is believed that the moon is at her brightest on this night.Many poems have been written about it,and poets are never tired of reading and writing such poems.In Chinese literature,the moon of the Mid Autumn Festival has been pared to a looking-glass,a jade rabbit,and so on.It seems that Chinese literature takes far more interest in the moon than in the sun.


  The Mid-Autumn Festival is a very important Chinese festival.It’s on the fifth of August.We can hang lanterns in the house.In the evening,we have a big dinner.Look,there is lots of food on the table.They are chicken,fish,crabs and so on.They’re very delicious.We can drink a glass of juice.We stand beside the table and we say,“Cheers,cheers,happy Mid-Autumn Festival!”

ag亚洲国际游戏官网  We make a wish to each other.At night,the moon is usually round and bright.It looks like a ball.We can enjoy the moon.Moon cakes are the special food for this festival.We can eat moon cakes,too.In the Mid-Autumn Festival,my parents and I are all very happy and excited.